šŸ§æMMS Coin Tokenomics

MMS Coin we are Crypto Platforms for Staking run on binance Smart Chain. (BEP20) guarantees lower transaction costs āœ” Fast Transaction Convenient and secure blockchain transactions with prompt transaction verification.

āœ” Passive income Get notified when rewards are paid from the system. and can deposit and withdraw transactions at any time Earn passive income on your investments up to 16.75% crypto rewards and fixed rates.get weekly notifications of your earnings


MMS Coin


2,100 Million

What Is BEP-20

BEP-20 is a Binance Smart Chain token standard created with the intention of extending ERC-20, which is one of the most common Ethereum token standards out there. BEP-20 is a blueprint as to how a token can be spent, who can spend it, and it even has rules about its overall usage. The BEP-20 standard was both derived from and fully compatible with the ERC-20 standard, and the code of the functions that define the BEP-20 standard are modifications of the ERC-20 standard. These modifications were done and intended to improve the protocol while also optimizing its speed as well as transaction cost. In fact, BEP-20 was conceived as this technical specification for the Binance Smart CHain with the goal of actually providing a flexible format through which many developers can launch different tokens. These tokens could represent anything from shares within a business to dollars, which are stored in a bank vault such as stablecoins.

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