MMSCoin Docs

How it works

Buy or deposit coins

Buy or transfer MMS coins to your wallet.Go to Vindax & Finexbox exchange

Keep coins in our wallet

Go to Register for membership, confirm your email, then log in to the system, transfer MMS coin to the system and take a stake.

Enjoy regular profits

You rewards are generated daily. Now, it’s time to enjoy your life and finally let your money work for you.
Staking should not be confused with lending, though it is similar. Decentralized crypto exchanges rely on automated market maker systems that let you lend funds temporarily to liquidity pools within the AMM. Some refer to locking the funds temporarily in the liquidity pool as staking, but technically this is lending. The result is the same, however: You earn interest for funds you pledge not to withdraw for a certain period.
Staking and lending are like buying a government-issued treasury bond, which restores your principal investment plus interest in return for the rights to use your funds for the term of the bond.